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Gene Osofsky

Well said.

Robert Clofine

This is a Bill, not a Resolution. The "H. R." stands for "House of Representatives" as opposed to Bills originating in the Senate. GovTrack says this Bill has 1% chance of passing. I doubt is a backdoor way of adopting the regulations as you suggest as an identical version of this bill was introduced in November 2014 and it died in a prior session.

Thomas W Stoddert

As a veteran, a veteran service officer, and free lance writer for veteran issues, I am shocked at the audacity of your industry to enable pension poachers (as the feds call them) to thrive at veteran's expense.

First, very few attorneys understand the medical science, military experience, and VA programs to adequately serve the veteran's needs.

Second, Lawyers may be knowledgeable of financial planning and elder law, but using veteran benefits as a lure to their offices, if not illegal is definitely unethical, especially when other potentially better VA benefits are not dealt with.

Every day I see attorneys abusing their so-called VA accreditation. Please clean up your act before pressing the VA or the government to accede to your greed. That "look-back" period was long over due.

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