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J Woodward

Remember the majority of Senators and Congresspeople never served so they really do not understand or care for veterans except when they are running for re-election. Or, when they can all jump to their feet at the State of Union address to look like they care.
If someone wishes to debate this let me point out that the VA system has not changed. If you feel that incorrect I suggest you put away the Kool-Aid and wake-up.

Robert B. Green, Sr.

I'm a 0% service connected disabled veteran suffering from PTSD, MST, MDD, Panic Attacks, Anxiety Disorder, Chronic Back Pain, Crying Spells, and other issues. I need help as they keep turning me down and it is clear and unmistaken error. I'm also register as chronic homeless on a program (CHEP) at Perry point VA Medical Center Maryland. Please help me, I'm fighting for my life at the age of 57 and don't know if I have any more fight in me. I'm tired.

carlton floyd

0% veteran fighting with no strenght left to fight is and on going problem for veterans I suffer from ptsd anxiety disoreder,crying spells,loss of hearing,, vision as well, back problems leg problems im registered at the Charlie Norwood VA,that want assists me with a hearing aid device,,yet I manage to not hear an ambulance, and pull out in front of it,and almost kill myself after the incident my family tells me to get a haering aid ,,and the Charlie Norwood VA refuses to do so,leaving me in deperession deeper and deeper everyday with thought of suicide,and no one cares im freaking sick of the bad treatment I cant take anymore,,said with tears

Darren Rray Andrews

Why dose the VA clearly make a unmistakeable error on purpose to deny claims and have illegal exams to deny claims

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