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Good day. I dont understand what is the point for VA Form 21-0845. Does it mean to transfer the claims of the claimanant?

Sally Lemke

Re-VA form 21-0845:

What information goes into Section II? Is this the veteran or the person being given permission to get information?


Did you get an answer to your question Sally? We have the same question.
Thank you


VA Form 21-0845

I have the same question about section II. Is this the veteran's info or the person being given permission to get information? If it is the latter, this seems a duplicate because the person being given information is listed in section III 13.

Skip Touchet

Section 2 should be left blank UNLESS the veteran is deceased. The third party representative information is only entered in part 13 at the bottom of the form. I put my grandmother's name in section 2 and the 4th person I spoke to trying to get benefits changed to a new bank account for my 92 year old, hearing impaired grandfather. Ms. Kenyattia Emp # 96064 denied speaking to me because the form was not completed correctly and instructed me to start the process all over again. This is ridiculous!

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