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Todd Bartimole

Snausages? I'm a vegan!

My dog isn't though. I like this idea, and will take a look at the 5 languages of appreciation. Looks like a great read, and as I get older, I learn more and more that we get back what we give to others.


Todd Bartimole

Andrew Jaloza

If the book is as good as the "Five Love Languages", count me in.
BTW, I tried to click on and subscribe to the "comment feed" but I got a strange response. Thanks for the post though.

Nedra Catale

Several folks have emailed me, asking if this is a stock photo. No, those are my dogs sitting on the sofa (I gave in to that long ago). Sam is in the background and just turned 14. Noah is in the foreground and is 5 years and 5 lbs. In the morning, I tell them "Let's go to work!" And they race me to my office at the front of the house, where they lie all day in their beds in my office while I work. Around 5:30 each afternoon, Noah will stand on his hind feet and paw at my arm to tell me it's quitting time. I'm always amazed at how accurate he is at telling time.

I was also asked for the link to the website which I should have included in the blog. My apologies! It is

I'm still interested in hearing about "your snausage!"

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