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N Wallace Kelleman "Wally"

I consider planning with families who may be eligible for any type of VA asistance a highly technical area of the law and that it requires knowledge in the arenas of estate planning, Medicare, Medicaid, IRS, and disability. One can never fully rely on one's memory, and taking yearly updates is a must to insure that the law and planning is as current as it needs to be. This is just a part of providing elder law services and certainly not for the faint of heart or less than well-informed. What I as a lawyer may not know, remember or updated, can seriously injure a client, and is a set-up for a bar complaint and maybe malpractice. We are fortunate to have Victoria as a mentor and for those of you who have not yet been in one of her classes, you are seriously out of touch...

Elizabeth Hilbun

Practically speaking, Victoria is right on target! It is imperative that you AND YOUR STAFF receive regular training and updating. That is why the growth part of your week cannot be ignored. We lawyers attend CLE and expect that our staff will be able to download from our brain what we learned or that we will catch things before it leaves our office. Don't leave your staff out of the loop, they can be a valuable resource.

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