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Robin Krooks

My dad taught me two very important things. He is gone now 20 years yet I still use his words of wisdom in times when nothing else makes sense.

1. Live without regrets. Do what you want to do as long as its for the right reasons. Regrets take up too much time and energy. Use the time and energy to make sure you don't look back and wish it was different.

2. It all works out in the end. If it isn't worked out, it's not the end. So simple but ALWAYS true! Thanks dad.


Thank You so much for posting this . . . it helps keep me in the right perspective and remembering what really matters most.

The one big thing that my dad has taught me is to work hard . . . we grew up thinking Labor Day was a day to work . . . didn't know it was a national holiday for a long time!

But the lesson of working hard is something I carry with me as well as the joy of getting a job done to enjoy the benefits of the hard work!


Thanks so much for sharing John. What a fantastic legacy he has passed on in you!


What a wonderful lesson Robin. Thank you for sharing and it sounds like you are very blessed with the father of great wisdom.

Julie Low

My Dad taught me integrity. Through his words, but more importantly, his actions, he taught me to do the right thing even if it was unpopular.


Thank you for sharing Julie! I'll be sharing this one with my kids for sure.

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